A feature film...

In May of 2018, I emailed Taika Waititi to ask him if I could grab him coffees on the set of his WWII comedy, Jojo Rabbit. I ended up designing, making props and illustrating a 42-page book for the film that was only supposed to be about 12 pages. More to come when the film is released in 2019. In the meantime, here’s a drawing of Taika as a reclining Hitler holding a giant martini glass with a gun in it.  



An Old Spice Campaign

The greatest romance in this world is the one between a man and his Old Spice and the woman in his life telling him to use the Old Spice and the small carrier airplane with secret stashes of Old Spice under the seats. There is no greater love.


Growing up as a teen boy is hard and complicated task. So we thought we’d make it easier on those guys by making an animatronic squid to uncomplicated adolescence and teach teenage boys how to become men on the live streaming platform Twitch.

For three fateful days, teen boys all over the internet got a chance to control a tentacle on S.Q.U.I.D. and work together to guide it through normal tasks like asking a girl out, holding down a job, going to the prom.



If you have crippling phobia of any of the below you should definitely NOT watch this very funny campaign from start to finish:

      • The lack of potatoes
      • Overalls
      • A father’s undying love for his son that will eventually lead him down a dark path of ruthless revenge
      • A quick zoom
      • The mere thought of microscopic people living in armpits and surviving off sweat that’s been eradicated by Old Spice.
      • Radios
      • Multiple overalls in one sitting


Sweat Mop Boys

We noticed that sweat mops at college basketball games were NOT shaped like giant canisters of Old Spice deodorant...